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    Think about what trends were “in” 20 years ago… are you seeing the peach-colored countertops and carpeted bathrooms? Maybe your home isn’t that dated, but are you keeping up with the design trends in the homes being built today? If retaining (and building) value in your home is important to you, would it be crazy of us to urge you to stay educated and up-to-date with the modern style? If you’re anything like us, you might be wondering where to start; what matters the most when potential buyers look at houses they want to make their homes? We made it easy for you! After some deep digging, we ironed out the 5 features to focus on to keep your home competitive in this incredible market.

    1. The Kitchen

    The kitchen is arguably the most lived-in part of the home. It’s where you cook, create, laugh, and share the most memorable moments as a family. This is why it is one of the MOST important features of the home and must be top of mind when updating your space. We took a look at the coming trends of 2020 kitchens, and the following were the hottest kitchen trends in the coming year.

    A backsplash that climbs the wall: these little pops of color and design go such a long way. They are easy to design and install, whether on your own as a weekend DIY or hiring a specialist to give you the professional look. It’s important that the backsplash remains a detail of the kitchen, and not the main focal point. You want people to be able to customize the kitchen to their personal style while playing off the existing design of the backsplash.

    Mixed metal hardware: another must when renovating your kitchen. Just like the backsplash, this is an easy (and mostly inexpensive) update to consider. The sleek design against your eye-catching backsplash will win over the hearts of many purchasers. It’s also a much more clean look, as the waters spots are less likely to show on matte material. 

    White quartz counter-tops: another addition to the kitchen reno is upgrading the counter-tops. This is probably the most expensive update you could do in the kitchen, but boy does it make a giant difference in the eyes of a buyer. Quartz gives a different appeal than granite. It’s sleeker, simpler, and gives the home a more modern feel. Most builders are adding it as an option to their homes, and it’s a strong recommendation that, if you’re going to make any changes in the kitchen, consider white quartz counter-tops.

    Another feature to consider is your cabinets. The preferred look is white in color with minimal looking handles. If your cabinets are wood, make sure they are not splintered or peeling. This can dramatically decrease the appeal for a buyer.  If you have a home over $300,000, we recommend a professional paint your kitchen cabinets.  This keeps the integrity and beauty of the kitchen. If a rookie paints them and there are drip marks, the value could go down.

    2. Bathrooms

    Another important area for buyers are the bathrooms. And why not? It makes sense, seeing that it’s where most people get ready for their day and later wash away the stress of the day before bed. If this area is not comforting and clean, it can really dampen the showing experience. Most of the desired features are similar to the kitchen, namely the mixed metal hardware and clean quartz countertops.

    One of the main differences we saw in our research, however, was the wallpaper trend. Now you may be thinking, “Wallpaper?! I thought we were moving AWAY from the 20th-century trends?” Hear us out: with the ability to design almost any pattern on a peel-and-stick wallpaper, a simple accent wall can work wonders in your bathroom. From stripes to fruit, to flowers to birds, the possibilities are endless. Remember, the goal is to accent the room, not control it.

    3. Flooring

    Have you ever walked into a home and seen a mix-match of flooring? Maybe brown carpet in the living room, tile in the kitchen, white carpet in the bedrooms, and laminate in the bathrooms? It’s definitely something people notice, and not in a good way. The trends show that no more than 2 types of flooring throughout the entire house is preferred. Having a cohesive flooring makes the square footage look bigger and it flows better from one room to another.  A tile and a carpet, or a wood and a carpet are still acceptable, as long as the carpet is in the family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms…absolutely no bathrooms. 

    The flooring type that’s trending right now and well into the new year is ceramic wood flooring. This type is incredible. It has the look of wood, but the durability of tile. For any family with pets and lots of traffic, this type of flooring is a dream come true.

    4. Light Fixtures

    Mood lighting is no joke. How frustrating is it when you go to look in the bathroom mirror and the only light source is a tiny, half-illuminated light bulb? You want your potential buyers to be anything but frustrated in any of the rooms. We suggest ceiling fans that are 3 bladed and have angled blades. These actually move more air around and keep rooms cooler than the traditional 5 flat blades. All the fixtures
    should be the same metal color, and if there are two ceiling fans in one room they should be identical. It’s all about cohesion.

    5. Banisters

    While we don’t all have stairs, we want to make sure that the multiple story homes are up to date as well. Most basic banisters are medium colored wood. Because of what we’ve seen with the trends leading into the new year, minimal details that pop is what we are looking to do. In this case, we would suggest either painting the banisters white (if the surrounding area will complement it) or if you’re looking to remodel it completely, we’ve seen the best option is an iron railing

    The homes in your neighborhood are unique from others. Some are older/younger than others, but each one is faced with keeping up with the times. Not only is it important to style your home so that it’s a competitive choice among potential buyers, but it’s also crucial to stay educated on the value of your home. Not staying updated is like sitting on a pile of cash that you didn’t count, just hoping that it’s enough to get you to where you want to go. You wouldn’t sit on the money without knowing how much you have, would you? Of course not!

    Use these tips and the homes listed below to get an idea of what your home is worth in today’s (and the coming) market. The homes listed below are constantly updated, so no matter when you look you’ll be looking at current prices. However, just like you wouldn’t rely on WebMD to give you a diagnosis, you should never solely rely on the internet to provide you with your specific home’s value. An educated real estate agent is just like your doctor, a trusted source of the most accurate information. When you’re ready to learn how much wealth your home has generated, give us a shout.

    Leigh Haake — EXP Realty

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